Art Deco Gold Bracelet

In Attire

This is an Art Deco gold bracelet that has been handed down through my father's side of the family. In about 1910, my great grandfather, William Keith, gave it as an engagement present to my great grandmother. My grandfather, Harry Keith, gave it to my grandmother as an engagement gift. Ditto with my father, William F. Keith, who gave it my mother when they got engaged. My brother passed away in 2012 and was not married. My father passed in 2001. My mother in March of 2016. It then passed to me and I have no other living relatives. The bracelet reminds me of my family - especially my mother, who wore it often. I am rarely without it and I am so thankful to have the bracelet as a memento.

Year: 1910

– Carlyn Buckler

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