Arroz Con Gandules

arroz con gandules
arroz con gandules

The object that represents my identity and my heritage is the food Arroz Con Gandules, which translated to English is rice and pigeon peas. Arroz Con Gandules is important to me because when I was young I would visit my grandma in Puerto Rico, and she would always make it for me and my family. There has been a tradition of making this food in our family for many years, especially for holidays, birthdays, and many more occasions. It's usually served with meat on the side such as pernil (roasted pork), chicken, etc. Most of the time we put pork and olives inside of the Arroz. I personally love the way my family makes Arroz Con Gandules, because not everyone makes it the same way, and the way my family makes it is so unique and flavorful. I learned to make Arroz Con Gandules a few months ago, and it wasn't easy trying not to over-season or under-season it, but it was a really cool and fun experience making it.   

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– Sofia Ocasio

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