Arracadas Jerezanas

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Silver Arracadas (size: Medium )
Silver Arracadas (size: Medium )

I'm a Basic Mexican American or Chicana as they say now in days. Both my parents were immigrants but that all changed when they crossed the border. My mom and dad made the decision to have a new life, way back before any of my siblings and I were born, my mother and father have made the decision to come and live in the United States of America before they got married. As you probably would take a wild guess they did have a rough time coming here they knew that they would have to leave the life they had in Mexico behind, leaving their family, and jobs. During the process of crossing the border, my mom had to go through some paperwork. She had to travel to different cities alone and once she got to the front of the border where they ask for papers and passports, it went smoothly as she said. Eventually, she was able to pass and stayed at my aunt's house even though she felt very ill. Once my dad heard that she was ready and already passed he drove to go and pick her up. They came straight to Napa. What I  remember when I was small my mother gave me a pair of Arracadas. Since then I would always ask “where do I find more of these”? She’d tell me that they were created a long time ago and that they can only be found in Jerez Zac. She would explain to me what they meant to the family and the tradition of giving it to every girl when they are born.

Place(s): Jerez Zac. Mexico to USA Napa Ca.
Year: 1990

– ES

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant