Although arepas originated in Venezuela and Colombia, it was never missed in my Dominican household. Arepas are a cornmeal and coconut cake. The main ingredients are coconut milk, sugar, butter and of course cornmeal. Arepas are traditionally prepared in an iron pot, they are eaten for breakfast, lunch, or even a snack. They are usually served with coffee or hot chocolate. I remember every time that my cousins visited and slept over my house, my grandmother would always make arepas. The scent of the arepa baking in the oven circled the house and made all of us feel warm inside as we patiently waited for it to be made. Arepas are very inexpensive and very filling. In the Dominican Republic, families with not a lot of resources, would make this dish and send their kids in the morning to sell before school in order to get money to support the needs of the family members. I love arepas, especially the ones that my grandmother makes. They will always have a special place in my heart and every time I eat them I am suddenly back in my island, la Republica Dominicana.

Year: 1992

– Aniela pimentel

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