Archangel Saint Miguel

My object is a statue of archangel Saint Miguel. This statue is of Saint Miguel defeating the devil. Saint Miguel is one of the most powerful angels. He protects us from the devil and other evil spirits. All though my mother did not carry this statue with her through her journey San Miguel did help her when she was coming from Mexico to America.This statue is the most important archangel to my mother's side of the family.This statue takes a role in my mother’s life and immigration story because as she grew up Saint Miguel would give her faith and protect her. As she was traveling to the United States she would feel upset or miss her parents and family. Saint Miguel would give her confidence and remind her of her parents because they all would celebrate him. This object also relates to my grandmother. This is related to my grandmother because she would also have faith and she knew that Miguel would protect her and let her live a happy life. My grandmother is from Mexico and every year on September 29 the town of Saint Miguel celebrates him and decorates the town. The emotional impact that immigration has had on my family is that we feel sad to be away from the rest of our big loving family. We are also heartbroken that our family has split up in different parts of the world. However, we know we are united through the love of Saint Miguel.

Year: 1996

– Delaney Diaz

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