angel on a star

porcelain star with angel on top
porcelain star with angel on top

In the year 2005 I was given this beautiful star carved from porcelain with an angel attached, It was a gift and it was mine to keep. My grandmother gave it to me on my 2nd birthday. It wasn't my original birthday gift at first. My mother was out with my sister for the day and my grandma was watching me. Whenever my grandma would watch me, we would always go out to the store or a restaurant. I saw this at the store and asked if I could have it. Of course she said yes. I was so excited to bring it back home and cherish it forever. As soon as I got home, I put it straight on my dresser. Although it isn't something big or traditional, it was important to me. It is important to me because it is a very special object from my grandma that I will always have. In addition to the fact that it was my birthday present, it was from my grandma who is a big role model to me. It is not something that I can grow out of or throw away. I have guaranteed over the years that it wasn't supplied to goodwill or thrown away. I plan on giving it to my kids when they are around the same age and they could care for it the way I did and hopefully they will also pass it to their kids.

– alicia bholat

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