A Bible

What we mostly cherish is our bible. Our bible is cherished a lot because my mom looks at the bible to solve her issues and problems we face. The bible in our house is about three years old and my mom reads it everyday even when she's done with it. So she really knows everything about it. Everybody knows not to touch it because it's very important and is looked at as an wealthy item. We also have about three more bibles but that one we have is just unique because it's just the biggest one in the house and the oldest. We want to keep it forever and my mom wants it to be passed on to our child's in the future to remember her if she dies god forbid. But my mom is quite young and her time of death is not coming no time soon god forbid. She also teaches my friends when I have visitors over. She thinks that I should follow her church steps too and she forces me to go to church with her even when I don't want to. It's annoying at times but I know she does it because she said she wants me to be saved by the wicked world. I laugh when she tells me that and go about my day but I hear her out sometimes. She just wants the best from me so she uses the bible to try and change me as a person. I don't think I could be changed by a book but she still tries. 

Year: 2012

– Jovan Casanova

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