Air Mechanic Duffle Bag

Air Mechanic Duffle BagStarting in 1949, my great grandfather, Albert Blake joined the Air Force as an airplane mechanic. He fixed airplanes in Washington, DC and at the Lackland Air Force base in Texas. He almost was called into the Vietnam War in 1955. This bag is large with a green strap used to haul out heavy items, around this strap, there are dog tags. Me and my mom had wondered why they would have created dog tags if he was never officially declared to join the war, dog tags are used so if a soldier has died, they can keep track of them since the tags do not burn. Apparently they are made for anyone who is a part of the military. This artifact is very important to my family especially my grandmother. To her it is a remembrance of who he was. He always cared about others and had always created his own unique inventions. My great grandfather is currently in a nursing home, and can’t quite remember who my grandmother is.   -Elly Bourgoine

Place(s): Lackland Air Force, Texas and Washington DC

– Elly Bourgoine

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