African Clothing

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African Clothing
African Clothing

My object is African clothes. African Clothes relates to my family’s immigration because it describes the type of country culture they come from. Most African clothes come from our motherland Africa, and most of the people that come from countries like Ghana and Liberia has been wearing it for over generations. It is used as a piece of clothing that people use from ancient artifacts. In Africa Imports we strive to offer a collection of traditional and contemporary African clothing. The history of African fashions roots and how it has changed over time is also unique and very well developed. They have them for men, children and women in all shapes and sizes, and their traditional dress is dictated to as much by their country as well as the type of climate in which they live in. Different African Countries have different types of clothing that can be used to represent we’re there from. When I first wore it it seemed small and uncomfortable for me to get used to, I had a hard time putting it on because it was a short sleeve dress that my family brought for me and my mother. When I spend my time in my time in Liberia before my departure I was forced to wear this and wear my very first man-made straw hat. In North Africa traditional clothing has been influenced by the middle eastern cultures.

Place(s): Liberia,Ghana, Africa,
Year: 1988

– Alphomarni Karnley Jarbie

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant