Adin's Urn

Silver urn with Blue and White pattern.
Silver urn with Blue and White pattern.

Seven years ago, my mom had an unfortunate and unexpected stillbirth. Growing up being an only child, a brother or sister to care for and love was something miraculous that I could only dream of. The urn of my brother’s ashes represents that time of my life. The time of hope and disappointment, but also facing difficulties that come in life. This tragedy brought my family together and made us stronger. Adin’s stillbirth story is unique because of the fact that even after this, my family and I were eventually blessed with my baby brother that I love more than anything. He has changed my life in so many ways that I never could have predicted. We are able to look back on what happened and be grateful for today.

Place(s): Roanoke, Virginia, Craig's Creek
Year: 2013

– Aleyna House

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