A Wedding Dress Left Behind

In Attire

My object is my grandmother's wedding dress. She lived in Egypt with my grandfather in the early 1950s. The dress was precious to my grandmother. After they got married, the Egyptians revolted against the United Kingdom. One thing they did to revolt was to kick out all of the British subjects living in Egypt, my grandfather being one of them. My grandparents had to flee Egypt.  My grandmother had to leave behind her wedding dress. She was very sad because she held the dress very close to her heart. This object is the center of my story because it’s a perfect representation of what my grandmother had to go through. It represents the amazing life she had in Egypt and leaving it represents her having to leave Egypt and start again. This story made me realize I have a lot of interesting family history. As we were reading about how people had to flee their countries, I never thought my family had a story like that. The wedding dress is important to me because it represents my grandmother's journey and how what she went through got me where I am today. 

Place(s): Egypt, Scotland
Year: 1954

– Sido Klotz

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant