A Washca - Jewelry

Relationship: Im/migrant
Ecuadorian Jewelry
Ecuadorian Jewelry

The picture above is an Ecuadorian jewelry that is called a washca. A washca is a jewelry made with many small beads.The beads can be of any kind of color.The beads represent corn.Corn goes with most of Ecuadorian food so they included it in a washca. A washca is like about a 20 inch necklace. Only women wear a washca mostly for special occasions.Ecuadorian jewelry looks similar to Colombian jewelry because Ecuador and Colombia are located next to each other in South America.The reason I chose this object was because my mother has lots of jewelry and I was wondering if she had some Ecuadorian jewelry because I wanted to learn about my father’s heritage. I thought it was perfect for this assignment and here I am writing about the object.My father originally came from Ecuador.This object is important to me because women all over the world wear jewelry for special occasions and now I know this is what I am supposed to wear for a special occasion since I am half Ecuadorian. This object connects me to my family because I am half Ecuadorian and wearing this jewelry is a part of my culture.This is connected to my father’s tradition because it is part of his culture. I don’t remember any other traditions from my father’s side except for cooking rice, beans and corn.Rice, beans and corn was a regular meal to have in Ecuador. My family follows it even to this day.I am so glad I could find out more about my father’s culture by doing this writing assignment.

Place(s): Ecuador

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant