Immigration Papers


 This is my Great Great Grandpa's immigration papers from Ellis island July 4, 1912. He was born and raised in Poland by his father, mother and grandpa. The main reason why he and his family left was because at the time Poland was a very dangerous place for Jews. As my family traveled thousands of miles to get to America, there was not a one way ticket to, so some of my family members decided to live in England and South America along the journey. When my great great grandpa finally made it to America he was not discriminated against for being Jewish but he was picked on by American kids. Once a kid asked him if he had ever had chocolate before and he said no so the boy gave him a piece and it turned out to be shoe polish. If he wasn’t allowed into our country I don't know where I would be today because a few decades after my great great grandpa moved, the Nazis invaded Poland and killed basically every single Jew there. Even though I'm living in America and was born here still doesn’t mean I don’t have a family who had to escape from a horrible country and still was being picked on by fellow Americans. Everyone living in America has relatives that also immigrated for certain reasons. This made me really feel bad for people who are not being allowed access to our amazing and safe country. 

Place(s): Poland, America
Year: 1912

– AW

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more