a Tiki charm from Hawaii


My object is a tiki charm from Hawaii. My aunt gave me that charm when my great grandma died. It was made in Honolulu, Hawaii. This charm is made out of old wood and black rope. It’s brown and like a one inch totem pole. It has two eyes and a curved mouth. My aunt was in Punta Cana and she bought a charm that was made from our culture. The charm represents a holiday that is only celebrated in Hawaii but never anywhere else. 
This object is important to me because it came from my family’s culture. My aunt gave me this charm a month ago right after my great grandma died. When my great grandma died I was so sad I just sat there crying. A month later my mom called me in the room and she said, “Look what your aunt gave you.” It was a charm from Honolulu in Hawaii.
This represents me because I am Hawaiian. I was born in Hawaii and moved when I was a baby. I think this Tiki Charm is special to me because I think it represents my great grandma. She was important to me because I always liked going over to my great aunt’s house and hugging her. My family is connected.
This connects with another classmate. Both of our objects are necklaces. Mine is from Hawaii and hers is from Nepal. Both of our necklaces were given to us when our grandma’s died.

Year: 1920

– E

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more