A Special Momentum

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The object is a teddybear named Ellie.It’s a pink and brown teddy bear. It was made from fur, fabric, and cotton. It’s used as a decoration because it reminds me and is a remnant of a memory that I will always carry around forever. I also have it with me when I'm going to sleep. Can’t sleep without it. It came from the manufacturer factory/ the place where teddy bears are made. My mom bought it at a store close to where I live. My mom gave it to me. I connect to this object because it was bought as a birthday gift for me. So a special occasion.

The teddy bear is important to me because I guess it’s one of the birthday gifts given to me on my birthday. So it holds more meaning and is more special to me. It’s also important to me because my mom gave it to me which holds even more meaning because who knows one day she might not be here. Which is why it’s special. Plus adding on I love teddy bears. They’re so cuddly and nice to hug. The teddy bear connects to my identity because it shows how I can be childish at times which is another side to me. It connects because it shows how there are things in which remind me of my life and of happy times.

Place(s): New York/ Bronx

– Amma A. Nkatiaah

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant