My object is a little notebook on a string so that you can keep it around your neck. It has a cute jester on the front of it. It was given to me by my grandma in the Czech Republic, which is where my mom's side of the family originates. She found it in one of the little antique and souvenir shops they have there, and it was my welcoming present when we went to visit.  I was about eight or nine when I got the book, and a few pages are filled out with drawing contests between my dad and me to see who could draw the craziest hat or the prettiest cake. It has the word "tie" on one page with the hats, so I guess we both won that round! Some other pages have doodles on them from my little self. I remember being excited when I got it in the Czech Republic, and I badgered my dad to have those contests whenever we had time. That tiny book holds memories, stories, love, and a connection to the country that is part of my heritage, so it is truly a little part of me. 

– Charlotte Cole

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