A Mexican Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My dad immigrated to the United States of America and he brought a special necklace that was passed down to him. His father gave it to him. Now my father has given it to me. When my father left Mexico, he brought that with him because he wanted his family to remember the country he come from, which is Mexico. We use this necklace to pray. The necklace is made up of different. These colors are brown, red, green, yellow, white and black . He got the necklace when he was 12 years. The year was 1990. My father has a lot of family members who still live in Mexico. I too have lots of cousins over there. I know this chain is a strong connection that keeps us together as a family. One custom we always follow is to pray before we start to eat our meals. We still down as a family and each one of us holds the necklace and silently thank the Lord in our prayers.The necklace has been in my family for very long time. I remember my dad mentioning to me that it has been with his family for over 26 years.If you look closely the pendant has a picture. On one side of the picture it has a cross and on the other side you can see a picture of La Virgen de Guadalupe. All in all these are the reasons why I chose this object and why it is important to me.

Year: 1990

– Natalie

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant