A letter from the President

A photo of a sealed letter
A photo of a sealed letter

My family heritage comes from New York. My family has been there for generations ever since we migrated here. Because of this my family has a very long line of being politically active. Whether it be my great-great-great-great grandparents who helped build New York City, my great grandma who helped build relations and worked with the royal family of Saudi Arabia, my mother who studied political science and teaches it, or my grandpa who sent a letter to his political officials when something happened that he didn't approve of. My Grandfather was a very opinionated man and he voiced his opinions regularly. To do this he would often send letters detailing things happening in the country that he didn't like no matter if they were political in nature or not. One of the letters that's been kept by my family in a sealed box is a letter he received from former President Bush. My grandfather had sent the president a letter detailing how he disapproved of how poorly the Yankees had played this season. The letter discussed how he was frustrated with the staffing and the players. Former president Bush had written back to him in a letter saying even though the president does not directly deal with baseball, he would do what he could to make sure the next season was a good one. Being politically active and engaged is a family tradition that spans multiple generations and it's one that I won't be breaking. (don't have a picture of the letter)

Place(s): New York

– Matthew McCall

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