"Turn Me Over" Rock

front and back of the rock
front and back of the rock

 Despite not meeting her, I was able to learn that my great grandma was a single mother that was active in women's clubs as well as crafting fairs. After discussing with my mom, she expressed that throughout her entire childhood her grandma always had a rock set on a table in her house. The rock is painted with a smiley face and the instruction to “Turn Me Over”. My mom told me that as a kid she always got a kick out of the silly nature of this little rock demanding something from you. With the rock passing through generations, my grandma and then my mom and finally me, we’re all able to enjoy the lighthearted nature of this arguably insignificant craft project. My mom stated that she was not left with much from her grandma but this little rock somehow made it through all of the years ending in my hands where she is thrilled that I can also appreciate it for its cheerful and carefree demeanor. “Thank You.” 

Place(s): Ohio, Virginia

– AC

Relationship:  unknown unknown