A Leather Jewelry Box

Relationship: Im/migrant

The object that I chose to write about is a leather jewelry box. The leather is black, and it has multiple drawers and it opens on top. My mom's biological father bought this jewelry box in England before my mom was born. He gave it to my mom's mom and she gave it to my mom and my mom will give it to my sister when she is 18. I know its silly for a boy to write about a leather jewelry box but It feels good because my sister is going to pass the jewelry box and her kids if she has any will pass it down. The other reason that I write about the Jewelry Box are two precious things in it. First, all of the best moments in our family, taken by photographs and of course, my mom's jewelry.  

Place(s): England

– Paul Burk

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant