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My laptop was given to me when I was 10 and I got it from my dad. I use it to work and paly video games with my friends. I still do. It is an ASUS laptop. Here is a story of me using my laptop, one time I had a project where you could make a story up and it would be graded based on how good you conveyed the message of the story and how much time and effort you put in the story so I called my friends and we made a story together and it was story of getting stuck in an Ikea. we finished the story and put it on the google classroom and went to go play some games. But the bad part of the story was that I forgot to submit it so when I went to check my grade I had a 0. I asked my teacher "why do I have a 0?" and she replied "its because you submitted nothing," and then I noticed I never submitted anything. So I submitted after and I got a good grade. So that's why I usually try to check if I submitted something! I still forget though but I am getting better. So yeah that's a story about my laptop. 

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