A "HUGE" expensive photo frame

Relationship: Im/migrant
Photo frame with lot of memories
Photo frame with lot of memories

I moved to New York in June 2017 from Dhaka, Bangladesh with my family. When I moved to NY the day after, three of my friends came to my house and surprise me and gave me a beautiful and elegant wooden photo frame. Along with a group picture that we took for the last time together. I have an emotional attachment with that. When I ask them why it’s so important and why should I keep this with me always? They said, “ It’s sooooooo expensive.” this frame reminds me who I’m and always be myself. As well as, that help to remember that I do not need to change myself. It’s important to me because it reminds me of my past and school life and best 13 years that we spend together. Still, I look at it when I miss them and feel alone. Also, this photo frame gives me hope that soon we will meet again each other. 

Place(s): Dhaka and New York
Year: 2017

– S.S.S

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant