Baby Blanket

A worn out handmade blanket
A worn out handmade blanket

Would you believe me if I said a baby blanket has seen the world? Well, this one had. My grandmother created this blanket for her first daughter. She took some leftover red fabric along with some baby animal fabric. She added red pompoms to the front and white lines on the back to make it more exciting. It was perfect, but before the blanket could meet its first loving baby, it would have to survive the trip from Italy to Chicago. After being packed in boxes and put on boats and planes, the blanket arrived at its second home and met its first owner shortly after. Years go by, decades even, until the blanket would meet its next owner. The blanket was packed up again and moved once more to its third home, California. Upon arrival at this new home, it was clear that the blanket needed repairs. Stitches were coming undone, pompoms were coming out, and the edges were opening with stuffing falling out. It was in no shape to be given to a new baby. My mother looks upon her sad baby blanket and realizes not all hope is lost. She grabs new red fabric, she makes new pom poms, and she gets new stuffing, then BOOM! The blanket was restored and ready for its new owner, me. The blanket is now kept safe waiting for its next owner and next adventure. 

Place(s): Italy, Chicago, California

– Sierra

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant