A Gifted Watch

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A metal, adjustable watch
A metal, adjustable watch

This is a picture of a watch I was gifted by my grandparents for the Holiday found in the Old Testament known as Purim.

Both coming from very religious families, my grandparents didn’t (and still don’t) celebrate some common holidays like Christmas, Halloween, etc.because they are not in the Old Testament. But due to the Old Testament having a good amount of holy days and/or important events itself, we’re always able to go to their house on one of those days and usually have a day filled with feasts and gift giving, with Purim being the biggest example of this, as it was a celebration of  the story of Esther saving her people from persecution. Our grandparents tell us this story every Purim before giving gifts to everyone in the family, with this watch being one of the gifts given to me a few years ago along with other gifts, but this watch will most likely be the one gift given that will last the longest amount of time.

Place(s): Virginia

– MM

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