A Container Containing Grief

Special Water
Special Water

This was my Grandfather Mario Hurtado. Wow, it is a strange feeling to refer to my grandfather in the past tense. It is not something I enjoy doing.  Since his passing, I have only focused on what I have lost, mostly because I lost the only Grandfather I've ever had.  There is so much that I gained from having this man in my life though.  My grandfather grew up in various places around the South Bay, and he was the son of Mexican immigrants.  He and my grandmother never spoke Spanish to me because of discrimination they faced growing up, but the one word that will always hold a special meaning to me is "mija."  Never again will I ever feel the same hearing that word from anyone else's mouth.  He always called me that and he was always so genuinely happy to see me, no matter how long or how short it had been.  Every visit he would save me a jar of his "special water."  This tradition started between us when I was a young child, and every time I came over he would ask, "Are you thirsty?" and I would always reply, "Only for Grandpa's special water!"  My grandfather loved deeply, and he was deeply loved in return.  There will never be another like him, and I feel so genuinely blessed that I had the great honor of being loved by him.  Hey Grandpa, save your mija a glass of that special water will ya!?
In loving memory of Mario Hurtado: October 9th, 1931-September 24th, 2019 

Place(s): South Bay California

– Sarah Hurtado

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant