Relationship: Im/migrant
My Mom's (Hated) Little Wooden Box
My Mom's (Hated) Little Wooden Box

In 1999 my Mom moved to America. She grew up in Australia. Her parents were dairy farmers but she always says they were "nomads" because they moved around a lot when she was growing up. They didn’t have much money so they didn't own many things either. A few years ago, I noticed a small wooden box on her dresser because it looked out of place just sitting there. She said she hated it. I was so surprised. I asked her why she had it there then where she sees it every day. She told me Uncle Darren (her brother) bought it for her as a birthday present a very long time and she kept it to remind her to be grateful for things that are given to you. Even little things you don't like. She said she moved around at least six more times after getting the wooden box and the box came too, even when she came to America. She always thought she would go back home for her other things but a 2004 house fire destroyed everything she had left behind. The box still sits on the dresser. She still doesn't like the box but it means more than it did in the past. Not only what to be grateful for, but also a smaller reminder of when she was young and life was different. 

Place(s): Australia
Year: 1999

– LS

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