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The front coverThe Music of What Happens
The front coverThe Music of What Happens

  Found Myself A Book 

If I could pass down anything, it would have to be a book. Books that showed the characters’ feelings through action and expression. For I was never one to understand the underlying implications of a double meaning sentence in dialogue.   I was learning what sentimental feelings words could bring to me.   This book, I have learned the most from. In this narrative, the point of view switches from Max, a Mexican American teenager struggling between understanding what it means to be a man and what it means to be himself. To Jordan, a white teenage boy fighting to keep him and his mother from becoming homeless, after his father died. Within this book, there is never a feeling of fabrication. Alone, it may be hard to imagine the thought of being a teenager that may soon become homeless. Konigsberg explains how subtly it became Jordan’s reality. The two boys become invested on helping Jordan’s food truck business passed down from his father. In the process they become friends and learn of each other's differences as they grow closer. I chose this book because I found myself reading it. I realized my emotions were universal. Seeing someone my age that goes through problems of living up to family standards and working hard for your family reminded me I was not alone. The true secret is that I wish not to just pass down this book, but to pass down a question with it: What book will you find yourself with? 

Place(s): Virginia
Year: 2018

– LG

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant