Zoroastrian Locket

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Family Artifact Paragraph
Family Artifact Paragraph
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My family artifact is a Zoroastrian locket. It is one inch long and half an inch wide and made of pure silver. It has a picture of Zoroaster, the Zoroastrian prophet on the front. What is Zoroastrian, you ask? Zoroastrianism is an Indian religion. There are only about 200,000 Zurustrians left in the world, and one of them is my Granny, Nargus Eranie. My great grandma gave the locket to my grandma who gave it to my mom who gave it to me. One day, I hope to give it to my child. 

The locket is oval, and attached to a little hook, where you would attach the string to it, if you were to wear it. When you open it, on both sides of it has a fire, which, in Zoroastrianism has been burning since the third century BC. It is very special to me and my family because my mom gave it to me when I was only one day old. Then I forgot of its existence until I asked my parents to tell me about a family artifact.

Place(s): India; Brooklyn, NY

– SG

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant