You Are My Sunshine Night Gown

In Attire

My great grandmother has passed down a little pink "You are my Sunshine" gown for each girl in our family to wear one time or another. The dress is silk pink with a little sunshine sown on it. The dress is from my great grandmother in Oklahoma City. My great grandma had gotten it and she decided to pass it down to my grandma. My grandma wanted the tradition to keep going she let my mom have it and my mom let me wear it. When I was little I used to wear it all the time and twirl in circles. Since I'm the only girl child my mom can only hope that one day I will have a little girl so my daughter can wear it, too. My mom said this dress brought her so much joy when she was little. My great grandma told my mom that she wants this little night gown to go to every little Hayes girl because it means so much to her. This little pink silk dress means so much to me and I hope my little girl can wear it. This pink dress connects to my identity because my great grandma, my grandma, my mom, and myself have all worn it and it helps me remember how fast time flies and to enjoy every bit of it. 

Place(s): Oklahoma

– Lindsey Hayes

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more