Wooden Cow Puzzle

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Wooden cow.
Wooden cow.

This wooden puzzle cow was made in Africa and my grandmother bought it for me from a church mission trip when I was in 4th grade. My grandma gave me this and ever since I like to play with it and use it as a decoration to remind me of how excited I was when I recieved it. I used to time myself and see how fast I could put it together.

This cow taught me an important lesson because it was made by people in Africa that were raising money for their town and all of the proceeds from the products that are sold at the church were sent back there for use. My grandma is a minister and has preached at many different churches and so has my grandfather they are both an inspiration for me and my sister and this is just one of the many things that remind me of that.

America is diverse in this way because many different people throughout the world struggle but some people notice this and choose to help. All of the people who put this store together all care about people they haven't even met and many people can lead by example.

Place(s): USA

– EB

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