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White Wii Console and Games
White Wii Console and Games

When I was 7, my parents got me a Wii. I would play it once in a while, but not very much. I would normally play Wii Sports, Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, & Lego Indiana Jones. But my parents kept saying you should play it more and that were more things I could do on the Wii than the PlayStation. I started to play Wii & I got addicted. I would play Lego Star Wars every day with my brother, & we finished that game, so we would play Wii boxing, baseball, or golf. Then my dad started playing with us, & we got more and more games for us to play, and they were all great. But my brother wanted to have the Xbox 360. So that Christmas, we got an Xbox 360 with Call of Duty Black Ops & then we started getting more and more games for the Xbox. After we got the Xbox, we stopped playing Wii. Around 1 year ago we decided to visit our storage unit. We searched the boxes for something and I looked into a box and saw our Wii. After that, I opened the box and all of our old games were there too, so we brought it to our new house and set it up. We started playing Wii golf again & got back into the swing of things.To this day, I still play Wii golf with my dad & brother every day. Even by myself, I will grab one of our old games & start playing. The Wii was one of the best things to happen to Mii.

Place(s): Old house.

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