Vung thom, Vietnamese pia cake

Relationship: Im/migrant
Pia Dessert and Recipe
Pia Dessert and Recipe

This is a pia cake  (and a pho recipe ) now you may ask “how does this relate to you” and at first I asked the same question how does this relate to me. It just looks like a normal cake but, this cake has a story to tell.     
The Vietnamese duran pia cake has a soft duran flaver on the inside on the out side is a thin layer of flakey dough      memory A font memory of the park, my mother at the age of  5, in the park she turned around, The sweet smell of  Vung thom a delicious pia cake. The scent of  sweet duran she could hear the soft crinkle of the green-gray rapping “Mmm” she said. Then she followed the sent of the sweet duran  she ran into my grandmother “whats that?'' she said “nothing just Vung thom. Can I have some please” she said.  My grandmother said as my mom bit the pia cake while the sweet flavor filled her mouth “Mmm” the flavor seeped  through her teeth slowly mm. She thought as she remembered those days in vietnam…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My grandmother was vegan for 30 years and inspired many people to be vegan to…

Place(s): Vietnam

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