Virgen De Guadalupe Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My gold Virgen De Guadalupe Necklace
My gold Virgen De Guadalupe Necklace
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My gold Virgen De Guadalupe necklace is important to me because my mom bought it for me. That day started off as a normal day until my mom came home and suggested to go walk around in Lake Plaza and so I accepted because I was bored and didn't have anything else to do. When we got there we went into random stores until she went into the jewelry store and started looking around. I felt really excited and curious when we went inside the jewelry store because I like going into the jewelry store and look around and I felt curious because I wondered why my mom went in there. When she asked me which one I liked I felt  normal because I thought she was just asking for my opinion, so when I pointed at the one I liked she asked the lady if she can see the necklace and so the lady took it out and handed it to my mom so she can look at it. Then my mom asked me if I was sure that the one I chose was nice and I answered yes and so she bought it. The lady put the necklace in a little box and handed it to my mom and then my mom gave it to me and said that it was for me. At that moment I felt surprised and emotional. I felt really special when she gave me the necklace to me because all my sisters have one and I didn’t, until that day. This necklace represents the good relationship I have with my mom and love. When I put on my necklace I feel as if my mom is with me. When I see my Virgen De Guadalupe necklace I think about my mom and how much she loves me. I value a lot this necklace because my mom worked really hard to buy me something I wanted. 

Place(s): Minneapolis,MN

– Stephanie N.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant