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Game cube

     Video games have always been a prominent thing in my family, my father would always play on Tenchu on the Ps2 and my brothers would always play games on the Game Cube. The Game cube was the first console that got me into gaming in general because my brother just randomly gave it to me, I never knew why but it's probably because he got a new generation console but either way, him giving me that console completely changed my life. I would play it non stop always having fun but since I never had an Sd card I could never save my games so I would beat the games in one sitting and replay over again as if I never had played before. In my old neighborhood the kids that lived there would come to my place and we would game for hours on end. My second object is my Xbox, I got my Xbox around 7 years ago and it was how I got close to most of my middle school friends, if I never got it I would have never met my best friend. My third object is something I got fairly recently, I got the parts for it 4 months ago and tried to build the pc myself but I was to afraid of messing up the parts so i waited super long, two months later I went to the micro center and had them build it for me, which was super expensive but eventually everything was done and I finally had the ultimate gaming device. Video games have always been and will always be a major part of my life, and I will always be grateful towards my family for getting me into it.

Place(s): Boston

– Joel

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