In Attire

My great grandfather’s name was Generoso Argiro. He spent his childhood in Bodelato, Italy. Later, he decided to immigrate to the United States on the boat the Voltaire. My great grandmothers name was Teresa Galeli. She grew up in Calabria Italy, which is in southwest Italy and considered to be the end of the boot. My great-grandmother did not immigrate until 10 years after my great-grandfather did. They had an agreement since they had an arranged marriage that he would not send for her until he was settled. The object I would like to focus on in the picture is my great-grandmother’s wedding attire. Her mother sewed her entire attire not including the veil by hand. But according to my great-aunt, her grandmother crafter her veil. The lacing and detailing was all done by hand. Since her marriage was arranged, her grandmother and mother wanted to make sure that she had appropriate wedding attire. It was not uncommon for the women in the family at the time to create their daughters wedding dress. When she immigrated, she made sure to bring the dress with her over. Since her wedding day, her veil has been in the family ever since. My great-aunt wore it on her wedding day since it was her mothers, and she has since handed it down to her children. My cousins do not wear it anymore due to its delicate state, and do not wish to cause more damage to it. To help prevent more wear they had it preserved like most ladies do with their wedding dresses today.

Year: 1924

– Alexis Manzano

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