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Un Guiro
Un Guiro
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Throughout my 15 years of living and growing up in a Dominican household, I often listened to this instrument known as “un guiro.” It is a percussion instrument that is very well known in the Dominican Republic.The guiro originated in puerto rico with the taino people of the caribbean in the 16th century and past. Some of my uncles and family members usually play it during parties, when everyone is having a good time,celebrating and dancing. Although I don't know how to play it, it's always fun to hear the music created by this instrument. It always reminds me of my Dominican culture. The people who play this instrument are very talented, and are Hispanic. It is a hard instrument to learn unless you practice with someone who knows. The Guiro is mainly played with any type of Spanish music, which gives it a nice rhythm. For example it is played in Merengue and Bachata.  

Place(s): Dominican Republic

– Wesly Amadis

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