Última Muneca

In Fun

Just like its says in the name, it’s a doll. Traditionally they are porcelain doll but they can be barbies or any doll choice, depends on the person. Usually the doll has the same dress color as the quinceanera. A quinceañera is a girl who turns 15, it is used to represent when a female goes from a young girl into a young women. Usually the Hispanic community celebrates this day with a big party. Fun fact: at first it wasn’t females who had quinces, it was men. My grandfather from my father's side actually had a quince. My doll was a porcelain doll, it has a royal blue dress because that was the color of my dress. The “ultima muñeca” is given to the quinceanera as a symbol of going into adulthood and leaving her childhood in the past. The “ultima muneca can be given to the quinceanera by her father or a younger girl. It honestly just depends on what the family wants, also where she’s from. In my case my younger cousin gave me my doll. This doll is important to me because it reminds me of that special day. I recall when I was younger I would fantasize of how my 15 would look like. Time went by and before I knew it, it had past. Leaving the doll as a memory. 

Place(s): Mexico

– Fatima G.

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