Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My mother at her quinceanera in Mexico.
My mother at her quinceanera in Mexico.

 My mother's name is Jessica, her ethnicity is Hispanic and her story starts in Morelia, Mexico. Her story isn’t about how she immigrated but is more about before and after the transition. In her youth, she was a normal kid that was really active. She was still 13 years old when her immigration story began. Part of her family was in America in Nampa, Idaho. The reason she left her country was her mom found an opportunity to earn a lot of money in America, which wasn’t common in Mexico. It started as a vacation really, but months turned to years, and years turned to decades. It was really her mom looking for a better life for her kids. The most impactful part of the transition was the language barrier. It was painful to see the other kids excel in school when she had difficulty learning English. The things that have been passed down are the traditions and celebrations like having get-togethers because her family wouldn’t see each other often. Her great grandmother passed along her recipes to her grandmother and she taught her mom. her mom wasn’t good at cooking, so she had to learn from her grandma. The most important thing that has been passed on and taught, is probably manners, good behavior, and respect. She has passed this culture on to me and her other children because she feels she connects to her ancestors. 

Place(s): Mexico, Morelia, Nampa, Idaho
Year: 1997

– AO

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant