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Qamar Ahmedi and her four kids entered to the United States of America in 2001. The Ahmedis filed as refugees from Afghanistan. Ahmedi feared that she and her family were under the threat of the Taliban, who captured her husband. As Afghanistan grew more and more dangerous, Ahmedi and her family moved to Pakistan, which seemed safer than their home. They left in a hurry because they did not want to get hurt during travel. Once they got to Pakistan many of the same issues followed them. In 1998, Ahmedi’s husband was captured and she soon decided to file as refugees for her kids as well as herself. Neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan felt like a place she could raise her children. In 2001, the Ahmedis case was approved. When they got to America everything was much different than it was back in their home. Kabul, where they lived was rural and New York, where they moved to once they arrived is a lot more urban. They did not have much to remind them of Afghanistan. Ahmedi knew she would get homesick, which is why she brought over some fabric from Afghanistan. With this fabric she made a toshak, which is a type is sitting arrangement. To this day Ahmedi and her family have this toshak that would remind them of home.

Place(s): Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Year: 2001

– Saima Suhana

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