Tortas and Ochata


Tortas are my favorite food, because they have the best combination. And they are a Mexican version of hamburgers. Also, they are all around Mexico. They are almost the main thing of the country. It has tomato, lettuce, chicken, onions, and cheese. Tortas are my family's favorite food too. And the bun can be soft or hard.But I don't like the hard bun. Because I can't fit a big torta in my mouth. And if I put it in my mouth I might get hurt. Because when I bite it, the crumbs will get stuck in my teeth. But the soft torta it's easy to bite. And It feels good when you bite it. But in my opinion the soft torta is better than the hard torta. And if you ever had Ochata. Ochata looks like this (photo of drink). Ochata and torta is the best combination in my opinion. With a drink and food. And it's common if we have tortas in restaurants, And parties. And that's why my favorite food is torta.

Place(s): Mexico


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