Throwing Knife

Beginner throwing knife
Beginner throwing knife

My great Grandpa, from my Dad’s side, was a war veteran who served in the Vietnam war.  He received a variety of assorted medals for a proud number of exploits; ranging from paratrooping to assisting other militants during war. In addition, my great Grandpa was also skilled with a diverse set of arms and continued to teach my grandpa how utilize the same ordnance. Eventually, my grandpa was given a special knife that would be passed on a few times. The blade was big, dull, and narrow at the handle.  This particular knife, was a throwing knife.  Although the knife isn’t sharp, it’s weight is enough to make it stick into most surfaces. My grandpa took care of his arms and would regularly clean them.  From there my grandpa learned to throw the beginners knife and many more.  Later, after my Dad was instructed to master the same skills, he would ultimately try to teach me and my brothers.  My Dad noticed that I was interested in the knives rather than the firearms. When I was around twelve my Dad gave me an ancient looking holster with a protruding handle.  It was a steel knife similar to the one that my grandpa had mentioned in a few of his stories.  The knife’s handle was skinny and brandishes six holes.  Additionally the blade was wider and dull around the edges.  The item had barely rusted at all despite being passed down by three different generations.  I feel that the knife is a great connection between me and my Dad.  

– Michael Quesada

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant