The Star of David

The Star of David Paragraph
The Star of David Paragraph
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My family artifact is the Star of David necklace. This object is very old, from the year 1924. The necklace has other charms, too. The other charms are a rusty metal arrow, a clear diamond, a white and black rock, and a pink and white shell. The star itself has the Hebrew symbol “chai”, which represents love. Since the Jewish colors are white and blue, these are the colors of the star. It has a picture of Jerusalem on it, but around the brim is my favorite part: the Hebrew symbols of Hanukkah.The shape of the artifact is obviously a star, but it has six points, not five. This object is small, about the size of two quarters, which is why it is a charm on the necklace. The Star of David is made of metal and paint. The entire necklace is made of metal, paint, shell, diamond, and rock. This object came into my family because my great- great-grandmother received it for her first day at her Hebrew school when she was four years old. At that time, it had only the star, not the rest of the charms. Those were added over generation to generation. It then got passed down to my great-grandfather, then to my grandpa, and now to my mom. It will soon belong to me. This object is significant to my family because it represents our Jewish heritage. As you might know, The Star of David has always been representing David, a Jewish king. It has always been representing my family, too.

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