Red Sari

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

Mrs. Parvin and her husband emigrated from Bangladesh to America. It all started from August of 1992 when they decided to leave Bangladesh and settle in America. The reason of their migration was for a better lifestyle for themselves and most importantly for their children. They had two children that were born in Bangladesh and later two more children in America. This was very difficult for Mrs. Parvin; her mother’s sari is what gave her hope. Her mother’s sari was passed on from generation to generation and her mother gave her the sari to keep. Mrs. Parvin also wore this red gorgeous sari on her wedding day. Her mother’s sari gave her strength and hope that going to another country would be okay. It was very tough as her mother was suppose to make the trip with her, her mother passed away the day of her coming to America. The red sari is a major symbol that stands for courage, hope and strength. She is the youngest out of her 3 sisters; the saddest part of her leaving her home country is that she had to leave everyone behind. She stated “the red sari is what kept me happy” it reminded her, of her mother. It was a struggle for her to adapt to America as most things were different from Bangladesh. Even till this day she talks to her children that her mother’s red sari had a huge impact on her in a positive way. It bought her joy and memories of all her loved ones. Even till this day she has her sari wrapped up securely because it is very special to her.-Tania Uddin

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 1991

– Tania Uddin

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant