The Red Ruby Ring

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The Red Ruby Ring Paragraph
The Red Ruby Ring Paragraph
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The family artifact I am writing about is a ring my grandma's mom's uncle brought back to North America from India. The ring is small, about the size of a big bottle cap its colors are red, purple, and silver, it is lightweight. The ring is made of gold, diamonds, and ruby. The ring has a ruby middle and diamonds surrounding it and a strip of gold to wrap around your finger. My grandma's mom's uncle got this ring when he was in India during World War II researching rubber plants for his job at the tire company Goodyear. He came upon this ring in a shop and brought it back to North America, and gave it to my great grandma. My great grandma passed it down to my grandma, and I hope someday my grandma will pass it down to mom. This object is important to my family because we do not have much left to show our family's history.

Place(s): India, New York

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