The Multicolored Blanket

Blanket made out of multicolored wool.
Blanket made out of multicolored wool.
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a multicolor throw cover blanket that has been on top of my bed for most of my life. Its colors consist of white, blue, black, yellow and green, and it’s also made of wool. However, there’s something that’s both special and memorable about the throw cover: It’s been in my family’s possession for over half a century. My dad used the same blanket when he was my age and when he was growing up in Chicago. Just like the services it currently provides for me, the blanket kept my dad warm while he slept. When my parents moved out to Los Angeles in 1999, they took the blanket with them, and my dad passed it down to me when I first arrived in the world. It’s the true definition of a family heirloom that’s been through a lot in its existence, but is still durable and reliable to this day. And whenever I have kids of my own, I will gladly pass the blanket down to them for the same purposes. 

Place(s): Chicago, Los Angeles

– D

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