The Lord of Miracles scapular

All my family lives in my country, Peru. When I see the scapular, I think of my grandmother and my mom. My grandmother gave the scapular to my mom, and my mother gave the scapular to me, when I was pregnant, expecting my first baby. I was ready to move to New York City with my husband. My grandmother wore The Lord of Miracle scapular each year in October, during a parade when the Peruvian people celebrate The Lord of Miracles. She was very religious and prayed for protection and guidance for all people around the world. When I was between 5 and 6 years old I saw the scapular for first time. My grandmother taught me to pray in celebration of The Lord of Miracles.The Lord of Miracles is from Pachacamilla Lima, Peru. I remember my family back home. My grandmother who is no longer with us. Thoughts of my grandmother make me feel blue, but my faith in The Lord of Miracles is deep inside my heart, and that keeps me strong.

Year: 2008


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