The Kerosene Lamp


When my Great Grandmother was born her family lived on a farm in Westby, Montana. There were five children, they still had no electricity, no running water, no indoor bathrooms and no heat. This Kerosene (Care-o-seen) lamp was the main source of light in the house. The family would gather near it on dark evenings, especially in winter.It was brighter than a candle so it was used more often. We don’t light it anymore, but we keep it to remind us of our family history.  There were many interesting things that happened to my Great Grandmothers family. When there would be a big snowstorm on the farm, her father would have to tie a rope from their house to the barn so he could go take care of the animals, and find his way back home. Another time, my Great Grandmother was on a train with her sister and they got snowed in while they were in a train car with 30 train men.  They were stuck in the middle of nowhere for 4 days on the train.  They snuck into the food car to be able to eat!

Place(s): Montana

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant