The Holy Quran

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Quran that i mentioned in my story.
The Quran that i mentioned in my story.

My object represents my family because it is a religious book and a tradition that every kid in my culture should start to read at a young age. We taught to hold it close to us because it is the same book that will help one day. My family is native of Sierra Leone, but the civil war broke out. They had to flee from one city to another and then my family ended up in the second-largest city in Sierra Leone called Bo Town. My family is unique because we are mixed between the Mendes and the Fulas. I do not particularly think that my family is related to other family stories but I think in some way they are familiar because some families had to flee because of war and wanted to live a peaceful life and never in constant fear of their lives. When I was little my mother taught me how to read the book and understand it. The book is called the Quran and it was mandatory for me to learn it and when I'm older to know it by heart because I too will have to pass it down to my kids and my kids to theirs. The book teaches about having good morals and fearing God almighty, it also teaches about the past prophets who were sent to help mankind. Prophets like Jesus, Moses, Joseph, and many more, the book also teaches about the creation of mankind and how there are Jinns who live amongst us on this earth. The book also teaches you how to protect yourself from these creatures and it teaches you too how they were created and their purpose to the world.

Place(s): Sierra Leone

– AJ

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant