The Gurgling Fish

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Gurgling Fish Paragraph
The Gurgling Fish Paragraph
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In the summer of 2011, my parents gave my grandpa a gurgling koi fish water jug that had a hole at the top so that water could be poured out of it. It was a light blue light blue koi fish. The fish tail curled all the way up to the back of its head. After my parents gave them the gurgling fish, my mom wanted one too. A year later my parents went on a trip to a town called Gloucester, Massachusetts. When they went on a walk, my parents stopped at a store with the same type of gurgling koi fish water jug. It was red and it was a little bigger than our grandparents. It may not be the oldest family artifact,my family has had it for eight years, but it is very important to my dad, mom, my sister, and I because we have it for every family dinner, lunch, and breakfast. When guests come over and they use it they thought it was cool that it gurgled and it spat out water and wanted to buy one. I am happy my mom bought that red koi gurgling fish because it is now a part of our daily lives. Now it is sitting next to a bunch of wine my mom is going to save for dinner parties.        

Place(s): Gloucester, Massachusetts

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant