The dollar that lives

The dollar I found his pants pockets.
The dollar I found his pants pockets.

The object that is being shown is a 1 dollar bill. This dollar is important and sentimental to me because I found it in my father’s pant pocket after he passed away. I was 13 years old when he passed away and it is something I have to remember him . This dollar holds so much volume and value because I think he left it for me because he didn’t get to say the proper goodbye before he passed . I keep this dollar in the back of my phone so that I know everywhere I go he is with me and that he is guiding me. I chose this item because it brings me joy and happiness to know that I have my father’s last dollar. This item also brings me so much comfort, support and stability because as long as the bill is in my case I know that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.

Place(s): Virginia

– L.K

Relationship:  unknown unknown